Civil Engineering

HOD's Note

I am extremely happy to note that V.V.Sangha’s Polytechnic, Bellary running successfully from 1997. I take this opportunity to congratulate our principal and compliment the Civil Engineering staff, students bringing out the department successfully.

I appeal to all the students of this Polytechnic to make their stay more meaningful and rewarding for a bright carrier and to remember for their successful technical carrier.


Civil Engineering is the art of directing elements of nature for the convenience of man. With modern norms and material availabilities, this branch of engineering is becoming more complex and challenging.

The students are encouraged to develop a vision, analytical and technical management and financial control knowledge and good communication skills-virtues that are important for a successful career and ongoing professional development.

They are given opportunities to take up specific projects and gain practical knowledge, In view of increasing use of computers in designing, the department offers computer training to students in the subject. The learning fraternity is further benefited by many well equipped laboratories at the department.

The department is actively involved in various consultancy works to which students are exposed for their better future.

The department is proud to announce that for this academic year (2004- 2005) there is 100% placement.

Civil Labs

  • BMT Lab
  • Surveying Lab
  • Geology Lab
  • CAD Lab
  • Geo Technical Lab
  • Environmental Lab
  • Concrete Technology Lab

Student Testimonials

The VVS Polytechnic,established by V.V. Sangha, a prime educational institution, is striving hard to cater to the needs of the region over the period of time.

College Address

Hanagal Shree Kumaraeshwara Polytechnic

Rao Bahadur Y. Mahabaleswara Engineering College Campus
Phone: 08392-242462