Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in the year 1997. Department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the largest and the oldest branches of polytechnic in the institute. Department has well equipped laboratories, workshops and other infrastructural facilities. Students of mechanical Engineering are exposed to the latest topics in the areas of Design, Manufacturing, Thermal, Material Science and Materials Engineering.

Mechanical engineering relates to the design and manufacture of mechanical systems – such as those used to power vehicles, industrial equipment and production lines, medical technologies and military equipment. Further specializations within this field include robotics, thermodynamics, technical drawing, nanotechnology and structural analysis.

It deals with machines, their design, manufacturing and performance for the benefit of mankind. Modern manufacturing processes have resulted into mass production items at low cost and high quality. Mechanical engineers have unique role in power plants, modern factories, space, travels, steel plants, etc. This branch is universal and useful for mankind.


To develop a programme with excellence in teaching, learning to produce globallycompatible diplomatswith ethical values as per the need of stake holders


The mission of the Mechanical Engineering Program is to benefit the society at large by

  • M1: Imparting quality technical education to students by providing excellent Teaching learning Environmentand through competitive curriculum in collaboration with industry.
  • M2:Able to apply basic and contemporary science, engineering and innovative skills to identify problems in the industry and academia and be able to develop practical solution to them
  • M3: Providing experiences in leadership, teamwork, communications — oral, written and hands-on activities, with the help of structured and unstructured real-life projects.
  • M4: Encouraging ethical values and leadership abilities in the minds of students so as to work towards the growth of the society.

Course Benefits
  • To build a foundation of knowledge in by integrating a variety of project experiences at every level throughout the curriculum.
  • To make our graduates experts in practical problem solving with abstract thinking skills.
  • To make our students life-long learners capable of building their careers upon a solid foundation of knowledge.
  • To make our students competent in communicating technical materials and concepts in individual and group situations.

Student Testimonials

The VVS Polytechnic,established by V.V. Sangha, a prime educational institution, is striving hard to cater to the needs of the region over the period of time.

College Address

Hanagal Shree Kumaraeshwara Polytechnic

Rao Bahadur Y. Mahabaleswara Engineering College Campus
Phone: 08392-242462