Hostel Facilities

Hostel Facilities

Separate Hostel accommodation is available for both b boys and girls. The Preferences will be given to students coming form rural areas.


Boys Hostel


Girls Hostel


  1. Power Backup facility: Hostel have separate D.G. set to provide uninterrupted power supply to the hostel during power failure.
  2. Drinking water facility: Hostel has Municipality co-op. sweet drinking water connections. It has a separate sump/tank for sweet drinking water. UV and RO facility is available to get pure drinking water to the hostel students.
  3. Hostel security: 24 hrs security guard facility is provided to the hostel for the safety of the hostel students.
  4. Bore water facility: Bore water is also available in the hostel and has a separate sump for it, bore water is used for other purposes other than drinking and cooking purposes.
  5. Solar water heater: Hostel has solar water heater facility through which hot water will be provided to hostel students/inmates bathing.
  6. Mess facility: Hostel has well furnished Veg. Mess which caters the good quality food to all hostel inmates.
  7. Internet facility: Hostel is provided Internet Wi-Fi connections to all the hostel students.
  8. Recreation facilities: Hostel students are provided with recreation facilities like T.V. in the Mess, carom board, Table Tennis, volley ball, badminton and throw ball facilities.
  9. Library and reading room facility.
  10. Transportation facility: College has own separate buses for hostel student transportation.
  11. Emergency Medical facility: Separate driver is made available to all the hostels round the clock to take the hostel students/inmates to hospital or bring the Doctor to the hostel during any medical emergency cases.
  12. CCTV: Hostels are equipped with CCTV for security purpose.

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