1. Analyze, design and solve problems related to Mechanical Engineering and adapt to changes in Technology by Self –Learning.
  2. Work Effectively as individuals and in a team, exhibiting leadership qualities to met the goals of a project or the organization.
  3. Work with professionalism and concern for environment to meet the societal needs.
  4. Engage in higher learning leading to degrees or certifications.

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About HSK

The College is affiliated to the Board of Technical Education, Bangalore and approved by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) New Delhi.

Contact Address

HSK Polytechnic( Hanagal Sri Kumareshwara Polytechnic)

Formerly V.V Sangha's Polytechnic

RYMEC Campus
Ballari 583104

+91 9620222479 / 08392 242462
   Principal No. 903 534 2462
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